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  6th, July 2024

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Calling all startups and aspiring entrepreneurs!

Is your startup pioneering new ways to create sustainable foods, developing cutting-edge plant-based materials, or revolutionizing agricultural practices?

VIC Startup Ignite offers you the perfect stage to pitch your company to an esteemed jury of investors. Get an opportunity to pitch your plant-based startup to value-aligned investors in a closed-door session. 

6 startups will be shortlisted and given 15 mins to impress investors. We're offering a minimum grant of Rs. 5 lakhs to the most promising startup selected during these sessions.

Do you have what it takes?

Gather your data, brush up your numbers, strengthen your arguments and apply for a spot to pitch your venture at the VIC Startup Ignite. 

The winner will get a chance to win a grant of Rs. 5 lakhs at VIC Startup Ignite


Access to Funding

Secure the financial support by meeting potential investors for your startup.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with potential partners, collaborators, & mentors to help propel your startup forward.

Expert Mentorship

Gain invaluable insights and guidance from seasoned professionals in your industry.

Rs. 5 lakh Grant

Get a chance to win a grant of Rs.5 Lakhs which will take your idea forward!


Showcase your innovative ideas in front of a panel of esteemed investors and industry experts.


yash biyani_edited.jpg


Founder , Sector 7 ,

Venture Studio and 


Deeksha Ahuja_edited.jpg


Founder @ Encubay | Driving Diversity through Entrepreneurship and Investing

Jasmine Bharucha_edited.png

Jasmine Bharucha

Director at Krystal Venture Studio, Plant based Startup Founder (Katharos)

Rishabh Mariwala-Director, Marico and Kaya_ Managing Partner-Sharrp Ventures_edited.png


Director - Marico Ltd. & Kaya Ltd., Managing Partner- Sharrp Ventures

Siddharth Kothari- Partner, Ahimsa VC_edited.png


Partner, Ahimsa VC and Chief Investment Strategist, Om Infra Ltd

Jinesh Shah revised_edited.jpg

Jinesh Shah

Founder, AltX Ventures

India ranks third globally in the number of startups, boasting 1.25 lakh ventures. Among them, 110 have achieved unicorn status, signalling rapid growth. These startups collectively employ 12 lakh individuals and hold 12,000 registered patents, showcasing their impact on innovation. The opportunity to start green ventures in India has never been this lucrative.

The VIC Startup Ignite : Pitch Stage is dedicated to supporting and showcasing the most innovative startups in the plant-based sector.

Our mission is to catalyze the transition to a more sustainable, plant-powered future. We believe that by supporting and empowering innovators like you, we can create positive change for the planet, people, and animals.

Whether you're a startup founder, investor, or simply passionate about plant-based innovation, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can harness the power of plants to build a brighter, greener future for all.

Ready to Take Your Plant-Based Startup to the Next Level?

Lunch Break

12.15 - 2pm

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