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6th JULY 2024, saturday, 8PM | THE HOLIDAY INN | MUMBAI

We invite you for an evening of celebration and recognition as we honor the trailblazers and innovators. VIC Awards applaud businesses and creators across the vegan food, fashion, beauty, health and wellness industry.

The innovation, dedication, and impact of these businesses and individuals, shine a spotlight on their remarkable contributions toward a healthier, kinder, and more sustainable future for all.

The awards ceremony is followed by a sumptuous dinner and after party. Get this opportunity to let your hair down, find your tribe, and strengthen partnerships and friendships in a lively musical evening.

6th July 2024, 8pm onwards, Limited Passes Available

VIC Award Categories

VIC Food Awards

People’s Choice | The B2B Disruptor | Innovation Icon - F&B | Accessibility Champion | Pricing Disruptor | Category disruptor | Marketing Maestro | Glocal Star | Visionary Leader | Expansion Ally

VIC Lifestyle Awards

Innovation Excellence in Fashion | Beauty Pathbreaker Brand | Clean Beauty Breakthrough | Green Fashion Guardian | Beauty Growth Catalyst | Innovation In Ingredients | Expansion Ally | Lifetime Achievement Award

VIC Creator Awards

The Earthfluencer | Voice of Animals 2024 | Compassionate Culinary Icon | Green Fitness Inspiration | Compassion in Action | The Rising Star | Nutrition Excellence | Plant-based Health Advocate | The Trendsetter | Ethical Beauty Ambassador | Earth Warriors | Wellness Wonder

6th July 2024, 8pm onwards, Limited Passes Available

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