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Past Edition

Seeking Disruptors
5-6 July 2019 | Saturday & Sunday

The launch edition of the Vegan India Conference, the flagship event of the World Vegan Organisation and Vegan First, will take place from July 6th to 7th, 2019 at The Suryaa hotel, New Delhi. The focus of the conference is on raising awareness about veganism and fostering the growth of the vegan lifestyle and alternatives in the country.


The VIC 2019 presents a unique opportunity to attend Informative talks, lectures, in-depth workshops & demos by International and Indian industry experts and thought leaders in the plant-based movement. It also serves as a platform for brands to showcase their products and services to a concentrated gathering of institutions from the hospitality and trade industry, policy makers, importers, impact investors and stake holders from the food industry.

This is a joint initiative of the WVO and Vegan First.


Who are we?

About Vegan First 

www.veganfirst.com is India’s first digital and print publication and portal for all things cruelty-free and vegan. With an active Indian vegan community across multiple platforms, Vegan First brings you the latest news, recipes, trends, product and restaurant recommendations across the country. From vegan events and festivals to cooking classes, you can find it all here.

Vegan First shows the world why we should pay attention to the consequences of our lifestyle choices and how to do it smartly.

About WVO

The World Vegan Organisation (WVO) is the world’s leading independent vegan organization. Our mission is to bring health, peace, and sustainability to the world through the daily practice of plant-based diets and a vegan lifestyle.

To achieve our mission, we strive to help lead every individual to a sustainable lifestyle for our planet and future generations; striving for vegan education in improving people’s health and nutrition, raising awareness of food safety, reversing climate change, cultivating harmony in society and promoting sustainability for the planet by advocating a vegan lifestyle.


Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe
Susianto-Tseng (1).jpg

​An icon for many, Dr. Susianto is the Founder and President, WVO - the world’s leading independent vegan organisation. He is also a vegan campaigner a foremost expert on the fermented soybean product tempeh.



Seth Cooking.jpeg

Seth Tibbott founded Turtle Island Foods, dba “The Tofurky Company”

In 1980 on $2,500, his life savings from his 8-year career. The first 9 years in business were a financial struggle. America was not quite ready for tempeh yet, Today, Tofurky products are globally recognised and sold in over 25,000 stores worldwide on 6 of 7 continents.



Smt. Maneka Gandhi.jpg

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi is the founder of PFA- People for Animals. She is also a former Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development in the Government of PM Narendra Modi. She is also an animal rights activist, environmentalist and an active  supporter of the vegan movement in India. She will be joining us as the Chief Guest for The VIC 2019.



Photo 2 (3).jpg

Co-founder of VegVoyages Vegan Adventure Tours - the pioneer company in vegan travel. Established 15 years ago, VegVoyages operates 20+ vegan group tours a year in 7 countries. Also cofounded the non-profit VegVoyages Foundation which supports programs that encourage plant-based practices and initiatives in rural and low-income urban areas in Asia



Dr. Karunas Zhu is the Co-founder of World Vegan Organisation. For decades Dr. Karunas Zhu, a life science graduate from NTU (National Taiwan University), has dedicated himself to promoting the vegan lifestyle, anti-aging, vegan nutrition and vegan industrial study and research. He founded the Taiwan Vegan Academy in 2016. 



Dr. Zeeshan Ali is the Kickstart India Program Specialist at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C.He uses his working knowledge of chronic disease, nutrition, and Indian culture to develop content for the 21-Day kickstart India program. He also writes scientific reviews and articles on non-animal-based research methods.



Paul Pornthep SriNarula is the founding president of BIVA (Bangkok International Vegan Alliance), a holistic health and vegan educator, motivational speaker and digital talk show host. A vegan for the past 35 years, Mr. SriNarula has been instrumental in growing the vegan movement in Bangkok and regularly undertakes vegan educational and outreach programmes in institutions and communities.

FOUNDER,  BIVA (Bangkok International VEGAN Alliance)


Verena Wiederkehr heads a team of Senior Consultants and Market Researchers focused on accelerating the plant-based market. Her passion for nutrition, as well as her knowledge of the topic and corporate experience, makes her the perfect speaker to shed light on the future of food. Wiederkehr has master's degrees from the University of Vienna in both International Business and European Studies and is a certified nutrition trainer. She has given presentations at numerous high-profile food industry events.



Vikas Kuthiala is a mentor and an independent angel investor and gourmet chocolatier based in Gurgaon. He takes special interest in supporting upcoming young entrepreneurs in their journey from starting up to scaling, providing mentorship, access to his network of business executives and investors world wide. He is the founder of Parriez Gourmet Foods Pvt Ltd. which provides among other, freshly prepared on demand gourmet vegan chocolates.



Dolly Vyas-Ahuja, lives in the USA, is an ahimsa animal activist and a voice for the voiceless. Her mission in life is to spread awareness and education about the cruelty in the dairy industry. She comes from a Gandhian family and

her grandfather was a freedom fighter for social justice in India. One of the greatest social issues of our

time is speciesism. One of her objectives is to have Indian temples take the pledge of being cruelty free

temples banning the use of dairy products.



Naveen Jha, Co-Founder of Gowma Non Leather Private Limited.Gowma is an initiative & effort to provide the best quality products that can substitute the need of leather in manufacturing fashion accessories such as handbags, clutches, laptop bags & more. Naveen has over 20 years of corporate and development sector experience and worked in various capacity as CEO of Deshpande Foundation, Co-founder and President of TiE-Hubballi, founder of Sandbox Startups etc.He was the member of Karnataka Knowledge Commission from 2012 to 2013. He is well known globally for his contribution towards developing social entrepreneurship, social innovation and leadership.



Siddharth is a third generation Promoter and Chief Investment Strategist at the Om Kothari Group. An active angel investor, Siddharth's startup portfolio has crossed over 20 companies including Grexter, ClearDekho, ApnaComplex, Innov8 and Beardo. His investment success has been covered by mainstream media such as Mint, NewsX, BusinessWorld, and TechInAsia. Siddharth is a Partner at 2Point2 Capital and Venture Catalyst’s 9 Unicorns Fund. He is also also an INK Talks Future Maker


Having been Vegan since 2010, Siddharth is on the lookout to fund promising founders of Vegan businesses. . 




Keegan Kuhn is the award-winning co-director of the highly acclaimed documentary films Cowspiracy (executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio) What The Health (executive produced by Joaquim Phoenix). He owns First Spark Media, a digital film production company creating films for social justice.




Ken Spector, principal of HappyCow, the world's largest vegan/vegetarian restaurant guide.Ken has consulted for numerous restaurants and worked in upper management for numerous companies including Microsoft, Hollywood.com, and Eco Vision Packaging. and has interviewed thousands of celebrities, business executives and prominent vegans.




President of ACT Foundation and an Internationally acclaimed Yoga Instructor, Devi is the Director and a senior teacher of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga. As an integral member of the international mission of her husband and Spiritual Master Mohanji Devi represents Mohanji Foundation at various international events related to global peace, veganism,  nonviolence, healthy lifestyle, yoga, and human values. 




Vikas launched abv after a 15-year career in public & private markets with CSFB, CalPERS, 1/0 Capital, and Dymon Asia Capital. He's a dedicated sponsor of minority education and animal rescue initiatives around the world. Vikas is a recipient of Credit Suisse’s Global Citizenship Award and a member of the Milken Institute’s Young Leaders Circle. He’s a graduate of Emory University and lives in Singapore.




Kuntal Joisher is the first vegan to scale mount Mount Everest. He has been a vegan for 17 years and counting and is a passionate campaigner for all things vegan. He is also a dementia awareness advocate, motivational speaker, and performance nutrition expert.



The CEO of PETA India, Dr.Manilal Valliyate has been campaigning for animal rights since 1998. He began his career at the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Kerala, and is a member of the Kerala State Animal Welfare Board. He has led several advocacy campaigns, including banning the live embalming of calves and putting an end to illegal bullock cart races.



Varda Mehrotra is the Executive Director of the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO). She has set up the largest vegan advocacy network in India - now spanning over 70 cities. Spearheading efforts to provide coaching, mentoring to hundreds of activists, organising and lecturing at dozens of workshops, seminars, conferences and boot camps.  



Jessika Ava is the Grants Program Director for ProVeg International, a food awareness organization with a mission to reduce global consumption of animals by 50% by the year 2040.  Jessika’s niche lies in coordinating global projects, statistically analyzing project efficacy, and guiding philanthropic support. Her notable experience includes NGO management, grantmaking, biostatistics, Asian street animal welfare, and Indian elephant conservation, and she has over 10 years’ experience in vegan advocacy. She holds an MPA in Nonprofit Management and an MS in Biostatistics and sits as Board Chair of Help Animals India and Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary.



Trained in ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ from the Harvard Medical School, Boston, DR.Shah is an author, healer, an educator and the co-founder of One Earth Festival. For the past 10 years, Dr Rupa Shah has been speaking and writing about the benefits of a plant-based diet (vegan) and has cured several patients with it. She has been
awarded by JITO recently as Digital Power Woman for her service to promote ahimsa in the society.



Shivya Nath is the author of the bestselling travel memoir - The Shooting Star - and runs an award-winning travel blog. She has appeared on the cover of National Geographic Traveller India magazine, and her intrepid journey has been featured on BBC Travel, TEDx and several national and international publications. Over 5 years ago, she quit her full time job, gave up her home, sold most of her belongings and embraced a nomadic life. She is a passionate vegan and advocates for sustainable travel.



Purvi Doshi is an international designer who started her line back in 1992 with a passion for fashion. Her ideals stemmed from a life and culture that believes in Ahimsa (non-violence) and compassion for all beings. Purvi believes in hand crafted, responsible and cruelty free fashion. This has led her to creating a complete sustainable brand by using only hand-woven textiles, natural and organic color, while not using animal textiles or even ones produced by harming animals or nature. Purvi's philosophy is rightly captured in her motto,“Looking fabulous should also feel great!”  Purvi Doshi has envisioned to put Khadi on the global map.



Ira Rattan is a Medical Nutritional Therapist & Certified Diabetes Educator with over 9 years of experience. She is also the HOD at the Lords International Hospital Jangpura, New Delhi, specializing into Remission of Diabetes and other metabolic disorders with its 
-Good Karma Award 2017 for 'Clinical Food Meditation' by The Speaking Tree (TOI publication)
-Health 'n' Wellness Ambassador 2018

Medical Nutritional Therapist & Certified Diabetes Educator





Agenda | 6-7 JULY 2019


July 6, 2019 | Saturday |  08:45 am - 06:00 pm

LOCATION: The Ballroom, The Suryaa Hotel, New Friends Colony, Delhi 


07.30 – 8:45 am   | Registration


08:45 – 9:00 am  | Introduction & Lamp Lighting



9.00 - 9.55 am | PANEL 1

Effective Activism

You have the vision, you know your mission, but how does it all come together? With smart organization and strategy. It begins with a plan and getting people together. Our panel of experts have a combined 30 years experience in organized activism. Manilal is the head of PETA India, Varda Mehrotra Executive director -FIAPO. Together, they show you how to organize and conduct outreach that creates a stronger impact.

Panelists: Dr.Manilal-CEO PETA India, Varda Mehrotra-Executive Director FIAPO, Paul SriNarula- Founder, BIVA (Bangkok International Vegan Alliance)


Transition Time


10:00 - 10:10 am | TALK 1

The Indian Vegan Ecosystem: Trends And Forecasts 

From food to beauty, veganism is the new black, and it's gaining momentum across the world. In this talk, we look at the numbers and where the market opportunity lies. In this context, where does India stand? Where is India headed? And how can Indian brands and entrepreneurs benefit? Join Palak as she shares her research and insights on the growing vegan industry in India.

Speaker: Palak Mehta, founder & CEO, Vegan First




10: 10- 10:25 am 


10:25 - 11:05 am | PANEL 2

Ethical Is The New Black - How These Beauty & Fashion Experts Are Changing The Game

Did you know that red lipstick and nail paint often contain crushed red carmine beetles to enhance their colour? Or that leather is one of the most water-intensive and polluting industries in the world? You can indulge in beauty without cruelty with the right vegan alternatives. Our panel of experts will teach you how to source high-quality vegan leather substitutes, and how not to compromise on colour and texture when it comes to cosmetics. Enjoy the best fashion and beauty without compromising on quality.

Panelists: Kaveeta Pol - Founder, Orrganic Elemennt, Purvi Doshi, Naveen Jha- CEO of Gowma, moderated by musician and activist Anushka Manchanda


Transition Time

11:10 - 11:30 pm | TALK 2

The Environmental Impact Of Our Food Choices

 Did you know that the biggest cause of global warming, environmental degradation, deforestation, ocean dead zones, and species extinction is animal agriculture? This is what the hard-hitting film Cowspiracy addresses. Filmmaker Keegan Kuhn talks about the inconvenient truth we are facing - how the meat on our plates is not just killing innocent animals, but our planet as we know it.

Speaker: Keegan Kuhn, co-director of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy and What The Health

Transition Time ​​


11:35 - 11.55 pm | TALK 3

Building A Vegan Brand 

Do you want to know how to build a vegan brand from scratch? Do you know what it takes to grow a vegan business? There's no one better than Seth Tibbot to tell you how. He is the founder of Turtle Island Foods, the makers of Tofurky. Launched in 1980 with his life savings of $2500 in Portland, Oregon, he started by making batch after batch of tempeh. A few years on, he realized that vegans needed a turkey substitute for Thanksgiving - and the soy-based Tofurky was born. Today, the brand is available across 6 continents and is sold in hundreds of stores worldwide. He talks to us about the journey of Tofurky and the advantages of being an early mover in the industry.

Speaker: Seth Tibbot, founder of the iconic mock meat brand Tofurky


Transition Time


12:00 - 12:20 pm | TALK 4

Address by Chief Guest Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

12:20 - 1:10 PM
1:10 - 1:30 pm | TALK 5

Vegan Restaurants: The Go-To-Market Secret Sauce \

Are you in the vegan hospitality biz, or do you want to get into it someday? What exactly is missing in your vegan restaurant? Can you change the game even if you're on a shoestring budget? Ken Spector is the principal of global vegan restaurant recommendation site HappyCow.He can tell you what it takes, how to position yourself and whether your restaurant can pull through, at a glance. Get real tips from a highly experienced expert who has consulted for hundreds of vegan restaurants globally.

Speaker: Ken Spector, principal at HappyCow


Transition Time

1:35 - 1:55 pm | TALK 6

Keynote Address From the Founder-President of the World Vegan Organisation

The world is moving to a greener future - and no one can tell you that with more certainty than Dr. Susianto Tseng, founder and president of the world's largest independent vegan organization, the WVO. He has been vegan for decades and has witnessed the changes that have taken place in the food industry and in consumer behaviour. He is also a foremost expert on the fermented soybean product tempeh. Discover more about the global vegan ecosystem and where it's headed in his keynote address.  

Speaker: Dr. Susianto Tseng, President WVO & global expert on tempeh


Transition Time


2:00 - 2:50 pm | PANEL 3

Funding Your Dream - Setting Up A Vegan Business

Investors and venture capitalists are always on the lookout for the next big thing - and with conscious consumerism on the rise and a shift in consumption patterns, there's massive scope to innovate in the vegan space. Do you have an idea that you think can change the world? Then you need to market it and put it out there to attract the right investors. Vikas Kuthiala and Vikas Garg, give you insight on how to conceptualize a vegan business, get the right funding + how and when to scale up.

Panelists: Mr.Vikas Kuthiala- Angel Investor, Zac Lovas-Founder Veg Voyages, Mr.Keyur Bhatia-Founder TJUK Trade Networks, moderated by Vikas Garg from abillionveg, Sidharth Kothari- Angel Investor


Transition Time


2:55 - 3:15 pm | TALK 7

The Global Plant-Based Market: Trends & Best Practices

Did you know The plant-based market is big business, characterized by strong year on year growth. Through their deliciousness, positioning and widespread availability, the latest generation of best-in-class plant-based have successfully broken down stereotypes, appealing to the mainstream in Europe and beyond. Despite the increasingly compelling value propositions entering the space, plenty of untapped potential remains. Verena Wiederkehr from ProVeg International will share insights on best practices and trends within the plant-based market.

Speaker: Verena Wiederkehr, International Head Of Food Industry & Retail, ProVeg International

Transition Time

3:20 - 4:00 pm | PANEL 4

India - The Land Of Ahimsa 

Veganism, at its core, is a movement centred around love, non-violence and peaceful coexistence. It espouses that the Earth belongs to every creature, and speciesism should be done away with. Who better to spread the word of Ahimsa than the women who practice it every day? Devi Mohan, Dolly Vyas and Shivya Nath show us how to live an ahimsak lifestyle. The panel is moderated by Vegan First editor Meenakshi S.

Panelists: Devi Mohan-President ACT Foundation, Dolly Vyas-Ahuja-Activist, Shivya Nath-BBC World recognized vegan blogger and moderated by Meenakshi S. - Content Head of Vegan First



4:00- 4:15 pm 



4:15- 4:55 pm | PANEL 5

Health On A Plant-Based Diet

Understand how to reverse diabetes and control cholesterol through a plant-based diet with leading vegan surgeons and doctors. Research shows that meat consumption has a direct link to cancer, and more medical practitioners today agree on one thing: that vegetables deserve a bigger place on your plate. Join Zeeshan Ali, one of the key members of the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, vegan nutritionist Dr.Ira Rattan and Dairy Alternatives author Dr. Rupa Shah as they dissect and discuss disease reversal and better health with plant-based foods.

Panelists: Dr. Zeeshan Ali -Program manager-PCRM, Dr. Rupa Shah-Author of What about my Calcium?, Dr. Ira Rattan & Mr. Sudhakar Singh, Director R&D, Sofit 

Transition Time


5:00- 5:40 pm | PANEL 6

Staying Fit On A Vegan Diet

Fitness is often confused with bulging muscles and the heavy consumption of whey protein, red meat, milk and eggs. But research indicates that a whole food plant-based diet can provide individuals with the energy they need to perform. With dozens of A-list athletes around the world moving to a plant-based diet, it's clear that you can enjoy good health, better fitness and increased stamina on plants. Amit Mehta is an endurance runner and founder of the vegan supplement company Unived. The panel is moderated by Rohan Hingorani, vegan fitness enthusiast.

Panelists: Kuntal Joisher, Amit Mehta-Founder of Unived, Roshni Sanghvi, moderated by Rohan Hingorani



Closing Ceremony

7AM- 8AM Yoga Session by Pooja Gandhi- Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga



July 7, 2019 | Sunday |  09:00 am - 06:00 pm 

These Classroom Style workshops are split into two groups, Group A (pre-lunch) and Group B (post-lunch). Participants can enroll for up to 3 workshops in either group. While Group A workshops are on, Group B participants will be taken to the Vegan India Expo for a visit, and vice-versa.






How To Build A Vegan Brand: Workshop by Seth Tibbot (Code C1)

 Seth Tibbot launched Turtle Island foods with just $2500 and the desire to create something that would change the way people eat. 30+ years later, he has built a recognizable brand that retails across the world. How did he get consumers and the market to take his product seriously, and how did he grow? Gain insight with this in-depth workshop where he tells you step-by-step how to build a vegan brand. treach in this workshop.


Traveling The Vegan Way: Workshop by Zac Lovas & Shivya Nath (Code C2)

Vegan alternatives don't have to be considered the 'cheaper option' or 'hard to find' while you're on the road. There are several ways to plan your travels and even make a career of it. Learn the art of sustainable conscious travel from Nat Geo Blogger and Vegan Globetrotter-Shivya Nath and Founder of  16 yr old vegan travel company-Zac Lovas.

Veganism at Schools: Workshop by Mr.Thomas  - German International School and Mayuri from Raise Vegan Magazine (Code C3)

Thomas A. Pallushek is the founder at the German International School in Chennai- the first vegan school in India and Asia. Raise Vegan is the largest vegan parenting community, together they will share  their journey of accommodating humane education and rescued animals in the schools, addressing to holistic upbringing & nutrition of children.


10 - 11 am | PARALLEL WORKSHOPS #2

Tasty Tempeh: Workshop by Dr. Susianto (Code D1)

Apart from being a vegan advocate and president of the WVO, our keynote speaker Dr. Susianto is also one of the foremost experts on tempeh globally. In this workshop, get up close and personal with the tasty, nutritious and sometimes misunderstood fermented soybean product!


A Place At The Table: All You Need To Know About Launching A Vegan Restaurant: Workshop by Ken Spector and Aiswarya Vishwanathan (Code D2)

Ken Spector is the global head of marketing for the restaurant discovery site Happy Cow. In this workshop, he takes you through the whats, hows and whys of launching a vegan restaurant, the right go-to-market strategy, menu curation and building a sustainable model. Aishwarya runs a successful 100% vegan cafe in Pune, India since 4 years now.


Beat Disease With The Right Foods Learn To Cook Your Own Vegan Substitutes: Workshop by Neelima Sriram from SHARAN India (Code D3)

Being vegan doesn't mean you have to give up your favourite foods like curd, cheese and milk - you just have to renivent the wheel with plant-based substitutes! Learn how to make vegan milks, curd and salads in this cooking workshop with whole food plant-based chef, consultant and food stylist Neelima Sriram from SHARAN.


11 am - 12 pm | PARALLEL WORKSHOPS #3

Films That Create Social Impact: Workshop by Keegan Kuhn (Code E1)

Films and documentaries are a great way to create a lasting impression and spread the message of vegansim. In this workshop, award-winning filmmaker Keegan Kuhn, co-director of Cowspiracy and What The Health, takes us theough how to create powerful media for social change. Learn the process from script to screen: how to fact-check, how to get permissions from government authorities and other officials how to develop an effective marketing strategy for your film, how to find donors and how to partner with the right production house. From funding to distribution, this workshop covers it all.


The Future Is Vegan: Workshop by Mr. Kai Jung and Paul SriNarula (Code E2)

The future is vegan - and there's no better time than the present to start your out your outreach activities. Mr. Kai Jung is a fitness enthusiast and member of the WVO. Mr. Pail SriNarula is the founder of BIVA, Bangkok International Vegan Alliance. Both of them have taken their passion for health and community building and transformed them into tools for activism. Learn how to get involved.

The Rise of The East: Workshop by Perry Zou and Lew Zhen (Code E3)

The West may be experiencing a vegan revolution - but the East is catching up! There has been quite a surge in the vegan movement in far East, from restaurants to product launches and more. Learn about the origin and development of the vegan movement in China and Singapore with Mr. Perry Zou, Vice Chair WVO Greater China and Lew Zhen Wei, chef and Young Ambassador, WVO. 




12 - 1 pm:

Crystal: COWSPIRACY: Film Screening of The Award-winning documentary on Sustainability

Get a chance to meet the Co-Director Keegan Kuhn during this eye opening experience!


Room Platinum I and II: OPEN NETWORKING

Open platform to network, schedule meetings in advance and meet the community! Email introductions would be made on the first day during registrations. 








2 - 3 pm:

Crystal: WHAT THE HEALTH: Film Screening 

Get a chance to meet the Co-Director Keegan Kuhn during this eye-opening experience!


Room Platinum I and II: OPEN NETWORKING

Open platform to network, schedule meetings in advance and meet the community! Email introductions would be made on the first day during registrations. 





How To Build A Vegan Brand: Workshop by Seth Tibbot (Code F1)

Seth Tibbot launched Turtle Island foods with just $2500 and the desire to create something that would change the way people eat. 30+ years later, he has built a recognizable brand that retails across the world. How did he get consumers and the market to take his product seriously, and how did he grow? Gain insight with this in-depth workshop where he tells you step-by-step how to build a vegan brand.


Small Steps Towards Positive Change: Workshop by Brandon Quinn from Sadhana Forest, Auroville (Code F2)

Living an eco-friendly and cruelty-free life isn't out of reach, even if you live in the city. Sadhana Forest in Auroville is a community of volunteers, where everyone lives off the land, sustainably and economically. Learn how you a vegan diet is better for you and the environment and the steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and live healthier with Brandon Quinn from Sadhana. 


Live Beautiful: How To Go Cruelty-Free With Your Grooming Regime: Workshop by Kavita Pol (Code F3)

Going vegan isn't just limited to keeping animal products off your plate - there are several other areas where animal products show up, and beauty is one of them. The beauty industry doesn't just test on animals, it uses hundreds of animal products and byproducts in its formulations. Kavita Pol, cruelty-free beauty expert and founder of Orrganic Elemennt Salon in Pune, gives you the advice and know-how you need to make your makeup bag vegan and cruelty-free.



Tasty Tempeh: Workshop by Dr. Susianto (Code G1)

Apart from being a vegan advocate and president of the WVO, our keynote speaker Dr. Susianto is also one of the foremost experts on tempeh globally. In this workshop, get up close and personal with the tasty, nutritious and sometimes misunderstood fermented soybean product!


How To Start your Activism Journey: Workshop by Darshana Muzumdar (Code G2) 

Everyone can be an activist - it's just a question of learning how to get organised. Darshana Muzumdar is the coordinator for outreach group Living Free in Pune and has vast experience conducting marches, campaigns, leafletting drives and talks. In this workshop, learn how to get started with hyperlocal activism in your city.


Beat Disease With The Right Foods: Workshop by Dr. Zeeshan Ali (Code G3)

Studies have shown that the right nutrition can lower the risk of disease and bring it under control in many cases. In this session, uncover how food-as-medicine works and how to incorporate the right plant-based foods into your diet for better health. Dr. Zeeshan Ali is a key member of the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, and he shows you how to eat your way to good health. 




Films That Create Social Impact: Workshop by Keegan Kuhn (Code H1)

Films and documentaries are a great way to create a lasting impression and spread the message of veganism. In this workshop, award-winning filmmaker Keegan Kuhn, Co-director of Cowspiracy and What The Health, takes us through how to create powerful media for social change. Learn the process from script to screen: how to fact-check, how to get permissions from government authorities and other officials how to develop an effective marketing strategy for your film, how to find donors and how to partner with the right production house. From funding to distribution, this workshop covers it all.

Pitch Perfect: How To Impress Investors So Your Get Funding: Workshop by Vikas Kuthiala and Varun Deshpande, The Good Food Institute (Code H2)

Getting your business off the ground requires the right funding at the right time. Join our experts Vikas Kuthiala, and Varun Deshpande as they guide you through how to make the perfect pitch and share tips on what investors are looking for.


Are We Really Making A Difference? How to Measure The Impact of Our Advocacy: Workshop by Jessika Ava, Grants Program Director ProVeg International (Code H3)

Any vegan activist must not miss out on this workshop! Measurement and evaluation is a big part of understanding the effectiveness of your advocacy campaign. Jessika Ava, grants director at ProVeg International, takes us through how to monitor your past campaigns and how to plan for the future