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Although Vegan India Conference is organised by Vegan First - which is not a non-profit company, it is a mission oriented event and we try our best to keep our pricing affordable. Each year, we not only aim to have a sucessful event but aim higher in making veganism 'mainstream'. This often requieres a lot of media attention, engaging in long term relationship building and introducing veganism to various institutions, sponsoring works of select animal rights advocates and promoting veganism amongst the masses. For instance, we invited several medical colleges and hospitals to attend our physical event and sponsored hotel meals and conference tickets of over 30 students. This was only possible because of the generosity of our donors. Although your donation will not give you a tax exemption, you will get a reciept. Your support will help us carry on this work annually. 

Your donation is used for:

  • Charitable causes, especially towards animal shelters.

  • Creating online material and media for promotion of veganism.

  • Sponsoring tickets for selected students and animal rights advocates.

  • Allowing us to conduct this event on an annual basis. 

  • Even though we are organizing an online event this year, we plan to organise physical events as soon as it is safe. Your donation will make that possible.


Firstly, thank you! No amount is too big or small to support this cause. Once you fill in the form, someone from our team will reach out to you or email you the details to make the donation. Once again, thank you for your support.

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will reach out shortly with the details. 
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